Meny Stäng

West coast of Sweden: Explore the scenic rocky coast of the province Bohuslän! Thousands of islands to explore! Do an archipelago cruise or take a walk in one of the picturesque fishing villages. At an island outside Fjallbacka the world famous actress Ingrid Bergman spent many of her summer holidays. The internationally well known author Camilla Lackberg grew up in Fjallbacka and its surroundings are described in her books. Take the ferry from Stromstad to Sweden’s most western inhabited islands, the Koster islands, also known as one of the most sunniest places of the country. Don’t miss to have a taste of the best sea food in Sweden! The 3000 years old rock carvings at Vitlycke are registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. If you prefer long sandy beaches, make a visit to the province Halland, south of Gothenburg.